Coastal Conflicts

Coastal Conflicts

Coastal Conflicts 

The economic value of the world’s oceans, the ‘Blue Economy’ is in the realm of $US 3-5 trillion.  In Australia, this is expected to grow faster than our GDP, and is projected to contribute around $100 billion a year by 2025.

There is an urgent need to understand the interconnected realms of geology, oceanography and biodiversity, and how threats like climate change will affect our oceans.  Our oceans are increasingly under stress, and the challenge now is how do we strike the balance between economic and social benefits and ecosystem sustainability?

Join us as host author and broadcaster Michael Vietch asks some of our leading scientific minds how we deal with issues like oil and gas exploration, species migration and climate change.


Dr Ashley Rowden, Principal Scientist NIWA

Ashley has been involved in research in a number of marine habitats from the intertidal to the deepest depths in the oceans. Some of his research has investigated the effects of fishing, aquaculture and seabed mining on seafloor fauna, and the production of environmental classifications, habitat suitability maps, and ecological risk assessments for conservation and management purposes.

Prof Gretta Pecl, IMAS and Centre for Marine Socioecology

Gretta’s current research centres around understanding climate change impacts in marine systems, and how our marine industries and communities may best adapt to these changes. She developed and leads the very successful National citizen science project Redmap Australia, the Range Extension Database and mapping project, which invites fishers and divers around our coastline to help monitor changes in our seas.

Prof Matthew England, Deputy Director UNSW Climate Change Research Centre

Matthew coordinated and led the 2007 “Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists”; a major international statement by the scientific community that specifies the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions required to minimise the risk of dangerous human-induced climate change, as well as a contributing author to the IPCC Second and Third Assessment reports. Matthew’s expertise covers the physics of the oceans and their role in climate variability and climate change.

In association with the AMSA 2018 Conference Canyons to Coast



7/4/2018 6:30 PM - 7/4/2018 8:00 PM
The Science Exchange
55 Exchange Place
Adelaide, SA 5000 Australia

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